Laura develops her classes thematically - based on the seasons, chakras, and what's growing in her garden. Below are some previous classes that Laura has taught (many of them were taught multiple times at different times of year and feature different menus depending on the season).
Some themes will be repeated in 2019 - these topics prove to be relevant year after year!

Heritage Cookbook Preview Class!

Over the course of the last year, Laura and her daughter, Nicola, have been co-writing and photographing a cookbook together! This class offers a sneak peek of some of the work they've been doing, focusing on a Spring menu that encourages us to awaken to the spirit of the Earth. Heritage, Celebrating Family Recipes is coming out November of this year. Check the blog and Instagram for more updates and behind-the-scenes shots.

Cooking & Eating for a Healthy Gut & Brain

In this workshop, we will explore the foods that support healthy functioning of the gut and the brain using seasonal foods. The digestion that begins in our belly affects the digestion of our brain cognition and our thoughts. Learn more about how to keep and achieve a positive and focused outlook on life through nutrition. 

Harmonizing with the Season of Winter

A Yoga and Nutrition Mini-Retreat for Self-Care Practices and Relaxation

The winter season is known in Ayurveda as Kapha Season, associated with the energy of structure and lubrication. It is also a time for the body, mind and soul to catch up with each other. If you want to stay healthy all year long, try living in harmony with these natural cycles by adjusting to the changes in your environment, through the foods you eat, the type and amount of exercise you do and the herbs you ingest. In this workshop we will: Practice a morning Kapha Detox Yoga, Learn Breathing Techniques to strengthen the respiratory system and warm the body, Learn about the most important foods to support your constitution during the Season of Winter, Learn about important herbs and essential oils to assist in keeping your spine strong and your joints flexible, Move to a meditation that is guided by the music of the plant kingdom, Enjoy a revitalizing calcium and mineral rich vegetarian soup to support the health of our bones.

Awakening Feminine Beauty (Spring)


Everything we eat influences our bodies physically of course, but also energetically. We will prepare a menu that focuses on a woman’s sacred journey with food. Rooted Angel Cooking Workshops honor the sacred connection with Mother Earth and the Divine through our communion with food and one another. We focus on the use of whole, fresh, organic, seasonal and local foods. Come with an open heart - no previous experience in the kitchen is required.

Mindful Eating in Harmony with Spring


Yoga sequence and breath work will help us to release old patterns and clear energy systems in the mind and body. We will invite awareness to the connection to the foods we are eating in the season of Spring. There are certain plants that will assist in the cleansing of the liver, the kidneys, the digestive tract. We will discuss practical ways to keep your energy flowing freely and effortlessly both on and off the mat. Enjoy a seasonal beverage and healthy snack as we listen to the Music of the Plants devicea special instrument created in Damanhur, Italy.

Awaken to Early Spring


A demonstration of cutting and cooking methods, harmonizing of acid/alkaline forces for a balanced meal. Home gardening & planting of the seed in relation to biodynamic principles, and yes, we will prepare a meal together! Simple recipes to inspire busy families who want to be vibrantly healthy as we transition gracefully into a new season.

Spring Food and Mood


Creating a meal through the 5 rhythms of the soul.

Fermentation and Enzymes


Preparing the body to receive finer vibrations and energies that are available for optimal health and well-being. Chewing and breathing exercises will be included in the workshop. 

Summer Restoration


Cook from the heart, made from the heart. Rejuvenating herbal tonics, teas and seasonings will be incorporated into the meal.

Cooking with Qi and the Summer Garden


Explore and co-create a summer menu as we tune into the musical vibration of energy from the plant kingdom. 

Nourishing the Chakras - Seasonal

Creating a menu through color, vibration and tone to feed and revitalize the energy centers of the body. This class has been taught at various times of year, to celebrate the bounty of what the seasons have to offer. One summer, the focus was on smoothie recipes - using colorful, seasonal whole foods. Learn about different combinations of vegetables, fruits and superfoods and how the inherent colors support the energy centers and regenerative systems of the body.

Harmonizing with the Season of Autumn

A Yoga & Nutrition Mini-Retreat with Regina Arabia and Laura Parisi

These days of seasonal change around the equinox are a perfect time to cleanse, rejuvenate and develop a trust with our body and spirit, to guide and ground us in the areas of movement, diet, meditation and lifestyle. In this workshop we will: move through a basic yoga sequence, learn about Abhyanga (self-care massage), practice breathing techniques, and learn about herbs & essential oils that can assist us in the autumn transition. Attendees will enjoy a revitalizing broth and healthy snack. Take-home recipes & a small Rooted Angel Essence Blend will be provided. Come join us!

Cooking for the Love of the Earth


Enliven the imagination and thinking as we create a menu that encourages us to awaken to the spirit of the Earth, the spirit of Love. Taught seasonally to honor what each season has to share with us.

Divine Desserts

Instructor: Nicola Parisi

A conscious dessert-making workshop using unrefined sugars, nut butters and gluten-free flours. An opportunity to explore and bring awareness to some of our everyday habits surrounding sugar intake and processed food. 

Winter Regeneration


We will create a lunch / dinner menu of whole foods that bring light, energy and seasonal balance - especially aimed at restoring our adrenals!

Seasonal Market Tour

Whole Foods Markets (Darien, Greenwich, etc)

These tours are offered seasonally at local Whole Foods locations. It is intended to inspire and nurture you, whether you want to lose weight, gain more clarity and youthful energy or work through a specific health issue. Grocery shopping can be daunting - and this tour will help you to shop with ease, focus, and knowledge around what's best for you and your family. Tour includes comprehensive handouts and recipes!

Medicinal Kitchen


A focus on botanical & plant spirit remedies and spices. We will also cover the therapeutic use of the 5 tastes and their relationship to the health of the organs of the body.

Healthy Body, Healthy Brain


Eating for energy, regeneration & keeping a positive outlook. Learn more about good nutrition that improves the biology of life with this high vibrational menu.

Building Better Bones


This class focused on calcium rich, nutritious Whole Foods and nourishing herbal infusions. Learn about the 8 keys to healthy bones through food and lifestyle balance. Laura will be co-teaching with a guest - bone specialist Irma Jennings, and together they will help to provide some tips and recipes that are beneficial to your vitality & longevity.

Eating & Living in Balance for the Holidays


Family-inspired, health-conscious dishes that reflect a way of finding the unique and sustainable balance in each and every person who attends.

Cosmic Memory of Lulu


Every year during the holidays we make doggie treats for all of our 4-legged friends! Sadly we said good bye to Lu’s physical body last year but she’s still with us in spirit! We will make, roll out and bake as many love biscuits as we can.  *No fee to participate.

Sound Healing Yoga & Healing Fair

Regina Arabia will be leading a beautiful yoga sequence, accompanied by the healing sound of Tibetan bowls with Karin Reetz. Other practitioners and healers will be offering their services. Proceeds donated in full to H.O.P.E. Gymnastics, an organization that empowers girls through sport. Rooted Angel Skin healer and other apothecary items will also be available.