A word from those who've used the Rooted Angel Echinacea Tincture...

"Laura is a genius herbalist, among other holistic talents.  Her whole plant Echinacea blend has saved my family and me from the ill effects of the common cold on many occasions.  The first sign of a cold or feeling our resistance is low, we take Laura’s Echinacea and cold symptoms are stopped in their tracks and the cold is averted.  I’ve been using Echinacea for years but Laura’s is by far the most effective – it’s the only one my family and I will use."
- Nora Giovati, Realtor, Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage

"Our family has been using Laura’s Rooted Angel Echinacea since she began creating it.  It is our go to remedy when we are needing an immune boost, or feeling the first signs of a cold or the flu.  All of Laura’s products are made with a great deal of thought, love, care and great attention to detail.  She is very conscious of sourcing the highest quality ingredients in everything she creates."
- Toni Mahr, owner, Good Karma Crunch LLC 

" My experiences with Laura's Rooted Angel products have been so beneficial, even wondrous. I started taking her Whole Plant Echinacea Tincture after a fall of colds and bronchitis, babysitting my (germ-y) 18-month-old grandchildren. Since making this tincture a part of my self care plan, I have not had another cold! Two months and counting!” 
- Ellie Kirk, RMT, Energy Medicine Practitioner and HeartMath Coach