Following Directions + A Visit to the Dentist

I never realized how much my soul longs not to follow directions, it prefers to take the longer route, thinking its more interesting, creative, expansive...

The problem is when my soul gets lost on its own path, asks for directions, and then doesn't follow them again. This is ok some of the time, but if you keep doing the same thing over again and expect different results you’re like a hamster on a wheel of endless spin.

I’d like to share about my dentist visit yesterday.

The dentist told me that I had some issues that will eventually lead to dental implants and so she wants me to use a water pick (water flosser) regularly and put some Listerine in there. She looked me in the eye and paused when she said Listerine….she knows me, and that I'm opposed to a lot of the unnatural dyes and stabilizing agents that are active in commercial mouthwashes.

Even though I eat well, chew my food, floss at least once (maybe twice!) a day, massage my gums with gum oil...I realized that she had a point. And I haven't always been good about my oral health. As a kid, candy was my favorite food and the last thing we ever thought about was tooth enamel, decay, bone loss, implants.

Holy basil in the summer garden

Holy basil in the summer garden

Getting back to the water pick and the Listerine. I'm asking myself, "Can I follow directions and still be creative with this new dental care ritual? What can I use from the apothecary instead of Listerine?" And then it came to me: use the water pick with water and a dropperful of the Holy Basil Tincture! Somehow this made more sense to me. 

The next issue was using the device without getting water all over the place (last time I used it I ended up needing to change out of wet pajamas). Since the model I have is wireless, the dentist suggested using it when I take a shower. 

So far it’s working, and I’m feeling really inspired to have the support from the Holy Basil plant! I also tried just a few drops of the Better Bones oil on my toothbrush and I loved how it made my gums feel. I feel grateful to the plant kingdom for always providing an alternative to processed & commercial products.

And here’s a cool thing that someone just forwarded to me, an article written by Dr Josh Axe.   Check out what he has to say on #8, Dental Care and Oral Health:

"Tulsi has the power to fight bacteria in your mouth that lead to dental issues, such as cavities, plaque, tartar and bad breath. Tulsi leaves serve as a mouth freshener because they kill the bacteria and germs hiding in your mouth. (11)

Holy basil benefits include helping to diminish ulcers in the mouth, and in vitro studies demonstrate it can stop the growth of oral cancer cells. (12) For natural dental care, try adding a drop of tulsi essential oil to your toothpaste or drinking one cup of tulsi tea every day."

To your health!