With Every Bite…

When I sit down to enjoy a meal, whether it’s by myself or with others I’m reminded of spiritual principles that offer up so much more than the food that’s on the plate. 

I’m reminded that with every bite that is taken, that it’s possible to ingest the encoded information of the universe into one's inner biology – we are not separate from our food. Its subtle energies communicate to every cell of our bodies. 

These energies stream information about the minerals in the earth, where the food was grown, the amount of rainfall it received, the vitality of the vegetation that the animal ate as well as who grew, harvested and transported and prepared it.  

All of this innate intelligence, this Prana from the universe, is transferred into the body….with every bite.

May the Blessings be...

Thinking about the path of the garlic plant - from one planted clove, to my dinner plate.