To Eat & Live in Balance

Often I am asked about detoxing and how to go about resetting the natural rhythms of vibrant health. I'd like to offer a vision for what that might look like. Honestly, if you choose any one, five, ten or all sixteen of these suggestions you'd be moving in the direction of letting go of what no longer serves you. You see, you can't quite indulge in a sabotage and at the same time participate in a higher vision of what you want to attract. For instance, focus on the vision of staying hydrated and you'll begin to feel all the systems in the body detoxing effortlessly and freely because you just provided something so valuable for optimal cell function.

Here's to staying vibrantly healthy!

1. Drink Water | Hydrating the body is a key component to good health. Drinking water can clear up a host of illnesses and diseases; not to mention clearing up skin, eliminating toxins, and helping maintain regular bowel movements.

2. Breathe | We cannot live without air. breathing gives the body something very precious - oxygen! Without it we wouldn't have a body to take care of. Breathing with vision makes us conscious of the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. It is a sacred act that we share with all living things. 

3. Chew | Chew slowly for maximum absorption of nutrients. Chewing food also allows your body the time to realize that you are satisfied from a meal - it helps to prevent overeating and therefore assists in weight loss.

4. Eat fresh, seasonal, local, organic, foods that are grown with consciousness - no chemicals, gmo's or harmful pesticides please! | Especially vegetables, whole grains and beans. They are the purest and richest form of vitamins and minerals. They keep the body alkalized and the immune system strong. The fiber from whole food aids in the body's natural process of elimination.

5. Eat moderate amounts of protein | Determine the type that is best for you, whether it's plant or animal protein.

6. Eat moderate amounts of healthy fats | Think unrefined olive oil, flax seed oil, ghee, avocados, fish, seeds, nuts, coconut. Avoid hydrogenated oil.

7. Choose natural forms of sweeteners | Uncooked raw honey, molasses, coconut nectar, agave nectar, stevia or pure maple syrup used sparingly will balance the body's natural craving for sweets. Conversely, white sugar and chemicalized artificial sweeteners deplete the body's natural resources. Left unchecked, these destructive forces create insatiable food cravings; inflammation; and disease like diabetes, hypoglycemia, kidney / liver / pancreatic disease, osteoporosis and premature aging. I like to use this reference when thinking about the affects of sugar.

8. Exercise | Move the body in any way that feels right for you and your body type. This can be walking, running, tai chi, yoga, biking, swimming, dancing, climbing trees, etc. 

9. Relationships | Putting time and energy into positive, loving relationships can increase overall good health and well-being. Hugs are important. We live in a touch-starved world.

10. Give time to Spiritual Practice | There are many Helpers, Angels, Guides and Higher Beings who are patiently waiting to assist in the nourishment of your soul and spirit. A spiritual practice can take many different forms. Find what is right for you whether a personal or group practice (or both!).

11. Career | Discover what it is you like to do and do more of it - with joy and enthusiasm!

12. Self Care | Take the time to be loving toward yourself. This can take the form of massage, body brushing, hot towel scrub, tongue scraper, hot water bottle, aromatherapy, foot soaks, baths...or asking a friend for help. 

13. Sing, Dance, Play, Laugh | Laughter reduces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline, lowers blood pressure, improves alertness and creativity. It also gives the diaphragm, face, leg and back muscles a good workout!

14. Rest & Relax | Even a 5 minute time out in the middle of the day will regenerate and rejuvenate your body on a cellular level. And be sure to get enough sleep each night.

15. Cherish the Time for Creative Pursuits | Composer, sculptor, painter, poet, artist, dancer, chefs, prophets & sages are the makers of the after-world; the architects of heaven. The world is made more beautiful because you have lived....without you, laboring humanity would perish.

16. Know Yourself | There is no greater understanding than the one you give to yourself.