"It can be as Easy as it is Hard"

How often do we block ourselves from experiencing joy and freedom that is right in front of us - only we can’t see that we are doing that? And why on earth do we do that?

I’ll give you an example. Yesterday, I was scheduled for oral surgery. I already had a full agenda with no time to spare leading up to my appointment. A dear friend & spiritual mentor said, “Laura, you need to lie down in a fetal position for at least 10 minutes before your procedure, its important for self soothing and support.”

And then my mind said this: "But, I don’t have 10 minutes, I’m not at home, I’m on the road and this guidance isn’t helping me lower my anxiety about the surgery right now…"

Until…I let it go; so that a new thought could come in: “It can be as easy as it is hard.”

My friend and I had been texting each other as I was in Bed Bath & Beyond shopping for new curtains. Wait a minute….right around the corner from the curtains were beds! Big ones, little ones, made up to look oh so comfortable! So yes, I listened to my friend, and curled up on a bed. Somehow in those next few minutes, everything shifted. I felt a lightness of being, a sense of courage was edging in on the vulnerability.

You see, my friend was partnering with me through her text and a shared vision. It was a playful moment that unfolded with compassion for what was to come.

I offer this as a thought, to take some time today to listen and digest impressions through the eyes of someone who loves you. It’s truly amazing what will unfold!

And remember... “It can be as easy as it is hard.”